The illustrations on this page are all for college assignments I had. I was able to use a variety of techniques, skills, and programs to create them. These all allowed me to create pieces that I was excited about all while staying true to the purpose of each individual assignment. 
Rocco Baviera Artist Emulation
This freshman level assignment was to create an illustration of an animal on the Indiana DNR endangered species list in the style of artist Rocco Baviera. 
I first found an image of a badger online. Using a mix of Photoshop and the iPad app Procreate, I created a sketch. Finally, I used Illustrator to produce the image you see here. 
NF Typographic Illustration
As part of another freshman design assignment, I had to create a typographic illustration of a musician of my choice. I chose to do an illustration of my favorite musician, Christian rapper NF.
After finding an image online that I liked, I sketched over it in the iPad drawing app Procreate to create a simplified drawing. Lastly, I used Illustrator to make the final illustration.
David McCord Artist Emulation
This freshman level assignment was to create a photo-realistic technical illustration, similar to artist David McCord.
After choosing my subject, I took my own reference photos. Using Photoshop, I added filters and tweaked with the lighting to edit the photo. Finally, I used Illustrator to create this final technical illustration of the avocado. 
Self Portrait
The purpose of this assignment was to take a photo of myself and repurpose it and create an illustrated version of the photo. Once I selected the photo I wanted to use, I went to Photoshop and put a filter on it that created somewhat of a  blocked look. I then took that altered photo to Illustrator and traced over the major components of the photo to create the final illustration seen above. 

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