One major part of my duties at Ivy Tech is creating flyers, both on a small and large scale print level. A lot of the flyers I've created have been for one specific campus to print in-house; few have been for statewide uses. And along with the news paper ads and foldout brochures I've created as well, it has given me a lot of experience with bleeds, margins, print colors and the overall printing process from a design perspective. Below are just some examples!

Print Flyers
Foldout Brochures

Indianapolis Automotive 3-Fold Brochure Front

Indianapolis Automotive 3-Fold Brochure Back

Indianapolis Campus Library Tri-Fold Flyer Front

Indianapolis Campus Library Tri-Fold Flyer Back

Newspaper Ads

Evansville Newspaper Ad

Valparaiso Area Newspaper Ad

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